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Genus Alchemilla in Bulgaria
Title: Genus Alchemilla in Bulgaria
Title alternative: Род Alchemilla(шапиче) в България
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Creator: Baldjiev, Georgi
Abstract: In Bulgaria, Genus Alchemilla consists of 35 species so far. Globally, the genus, which is of Family Rosaceae, comprises about 1000 species. In Europe, they are more than 300. The interspecies hybridization and facultative apomixis (asexual seed development) have caused the high morphological variability of the species. That has troubled botanists for ages when relating a specimen to known species and has brought about more and more new species. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Key to species / Chorology / Taxonomy / As medicinal / Literature / Links.
Subject: Rosidae (583.7)
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Spatial coverage: Bulgaria
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