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Zander-Kartei - Personen
Title: Zander-Kartei - Personen
Title alternative: Zander-Kartei - Biographische Sammlung; Zander-Kartei - Biographischer Teil
Creator: Zander, Robert [Begründer]
Publisher: Technische Universität / Universitätsbibliothek / Bücherei des deutschen Gartenbaus
Abstract: The Biographical Collection is an online-searchable extract from the Zander Index and contains roughly 7600 documents of biographical data on gardeners and horticultural scientists from all fields of horticulture; also included are many people that have contributed to botany. Biographical cards denoted with the BS entry indicate that illustrations, full-text and more information on a specific person are in the special collection of the Horticultural Library. The entire Zander Index, named for its founder, Dr Robert Zander, consists of an estimated 216,000 index cards containing literature notes from approximately 30 German-language horticultural journals for the time period from 1783 to 1920. In addition, the journals “Gartenwelt” (Garden World) and “Gartenbauwirtschaft” (Horticultural Economy) were evaluated until 1930 and 1941, respectively. Occasionally, newer documents are also included. The Index, in its entirety, can currently only be used in the Horticultural Library in Berlin. [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
Subject: Botanists (580.92);
Garden crops (horticulture), Vegetables (635)
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