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Plecoptera Species File
Title: Plecoptera Species File
Creator: DeWalt, R. Edward; et al.
Contributor: Eades, David C.; et al.
Abstract: The Plecoptera Species File is a taxonomic database that includes data for Plecoptera (stoneflies) worldwide. It uses the Species File Software (SFS), a collection of programs that provides access to and manipulation of taxonomic information stored in multiple databases. SFS also defines a standardized user interface to facilitate interactions with the database. The database includes valid names, their synonyms, and links to references for stonefly species of the world. Stonefly systematists are encouraged to assume an active role in the maintenance of this resource: provide pdfs of recently published works, and send properly attributed images for posting on the website. An illustrated key to all 16 families is provided. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: search / taxa / help for new users / links
Subject: Exopterygota (Hemimetabola) (595.73)
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Metadata update date: 2010-01-12
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