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Coreoidea Species File
Title: Coreoidea Species File
Creator: Webb, Mick; et al.
Contributor: Eades, David C. [Principal Database Developer]; Livermore, Elizabeth [Photographer]; Mazzetta, Gerardo
Abstract: The Coreoidea Species File website and database will contain taxonomic and other information about all the Coreoidea (leaf-legged bugs of the world). The database is undergoing development with a planned completion date of 2011. It uses Species File Software (SFS), a collection of programs that provides access to and manipulation of taxonomic information stored in multiple databases. SFS also defines a standardized user interface to facilitate interactions with the database. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: search / taxa / help for new users
Subject: Homoptera, Heteroptera, Anoplura, Mallophaga, Thysanoptera (595.75)
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Language: English
Format: database
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Metadata update date: 2010-01-12
Metadata provider: SDEI
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