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Phasmid Study Group
Title: Phasmid Study Group
Title abbreviated: PSG
Creator: Baker, Ed; Bushell, Mark; Bragg, Phil
Abstract: The Phasmid Study Group (PSG) is an international community of hobbyists and amateur and professional entomologists interested in the rearing and studying of the order Phasmida - the stick insects and leaf insects (known as walkingsticks in the USA). It was formed in 1980. The society publishes a quarterly Newsletter and the biannual journal Phasmid Studies. The website is connected with the Phasmida SpeciesFile (A World Phasmid Catalogue)and provides the only fully authoritative version of the Phasmid Study Group Culture List (sometimes called the Phasmid Study Group Species List). The PSG offers lots of information about the order from one place. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: PSG information (history, membership, events, news) / general information about Phasmids / breeding and rearing / Phasmid Study Group Culture list / Phasmids in the UK (report Phasmid sightings) / publications (PSG Newsletter, Le Monde des Phasmes, Phasmid Studies, Phasma) / researchers / image galleries / videos / forums / blog / FAQs / glossary / links
Subject: Organizations and management (590.6);
Apterygota, Orthoptera and related orders (595.72)
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