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Lichens of Luxembourg, Belgium and northern France
Title: Lichens of Luxembourg, Belgium and northern France
Creator: Diederich, Paul; Ries, Christian
Publisher: Société des naturalistes luxembourgeois
Abstract: Lichenology in Luxembourg and Belgium started in the early XIXth century, but it was especially towards the end of that century that national floras and checklists became available. After 1900, the lichenological exploration dramatically declined in these two countries, and it is only since the beginning of the sixties that, through the work of Prof. Jacques Lambinon, a new era of lichenology started. It is also during that time that Belgian lichenologists started exploring the neighbouring areas of northern France, which are therefore included within the scope of the present checklist. Since the early eighties, we have attempted to fill the gap by preparing a detailed inventory of crustose lichens, as well as of lichenicolous fungi which, although not lichenized, have traditionally been studied by lichenologists. Nowadays, the total number of accepted species almost reaches 1250, more than twice the number of previously published taxa. Nevertheless, no doubt this number will continue to increase in the forthcoming years for several reasons: we know of many, often sterile crusts, that still require identification; several genera are poorly known in the area of study (e. g. Acarospora, Thelidium, Verrucaria); many lichenicolous fungi and some small, inconspicuous crustose lichens are only found by chance, and despite very careful sampling during these past years, many have certainly been missed; comparison with modern European floras or checklists suggests that a relatively large number of additional species might occur in the study area. Therefore the aim of this internet site is to update our current knowledge of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in Luxembourg, Belgium and northern France, and to encourage students and botanists to pay attention to this fascinating world of organisms. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Subject: Lichens (579.7)
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