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Trichinella Page
Title: Trichinella Page
Creator: Despommier, Dickson
Publisher: Environmental Health Science of Columbia University
Abstract: This site contains basic biological information regarding Trichinella spiralis, and includes research findings on all aspects of the parenteral phase of the infection. Much of the information is based on publications by Dickson Despommier and colleagues over the last 30 years, that mostly dealt with Nurse cell formation and its relationship to angiogenesis and collagen capsule formation. In addition, a brief history of its discovery, clinical aspects, and useful links to other sites dealing with the genus Trichinella are provided. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Biology / Clinical Summary / Epidemiology / Gallery / Video / Power Point Presentations / World Literature Database / Bibliographies
Subject: Synecology and population biology (577.8);
Miscellaneous nontaxonomic kinds of animals (591.6);
Aschelminthes (Nemathelminthes) (592.5)
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