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OLC-SSG Biologie (Online Contents Sondersammelgebiet Biologie)
Title: OLC-SSG Biologie (Online Contents Sondersammelgebiet Biologie)
Title abbreviated: OLC-SSG Biologie
Publisher: Hessisches BibliotheksInformationsSystem = HeBIS
Abstract: In this database are documented more than 2.8 million articles (as of: June 2009) from more than 1500 biological journals from the period beginning in 1993. The data of the Swets Information Services agency, that are licensed for use in the Virtual Library of Biology as well, are based on the tables of contents of the journal volumes and represent the biological section from altogether 20 000 current journals from all scientific areas. The majority of the articles are linked with the Regensburg electronic library and the delivery service subito (subject to charges) to enable rapid access to full texts. By using myCCBio, users will regularly receive tables of contents for newly published journal issues as e-mails, for free. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Subject: Life sciences, biology (570);
Bibliography (010)
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Language: German
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Metadata update date: 2009-12-03
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