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Kasviatlas - Suomen putkilokasvien levinneisyyskartat
Title: Kasviatlas - Suomen putkilokasvien levinneisyyskartat
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Creator: Lampinen, Raino; Lahti, Tapani
Publisher: University of Helsinki / Finnish Museum of Natural History
Abstract: The atlas of distribution of vascular plants in Finland is a periodically updated electronic publication based on the national floristic database. The atlas shows the distribution in Finland of all native plants and established aliens, as well as the ranges of the most common casual aliens as 10-km grid square dot maps, as color scaled maps indicating the regional frequency estimates, or as combination of dot and frequency estimate maps. The frequency estimates are interpolated from the results of an intensive survey of 1-km grid squares continued since 1985. [Information of the supplier]
Information on the atlas in English language is available in an article by A. Kurtto and R. Lampinin (1999) in Acta Botanica Fennica 162, pp. 67-74.
Subject: Treatments of plants by specific continents, countries, localities (581.9)
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Spatial coverage: Scandinavia
Audience: Intermediate; Experts
Language: Finnish
Format: website; database
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