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Psocodea Species File Online
Title: Psocodea Species File Online
Creator: Johnson, Kevin P.; Smith, Vincent S.
Contributor: Eades, David C. [Principal Database Developer]; Bess, Emilie; Lienhard, Charles
Publisher: Illinois Natural History Survey
Abstract: The Psocodea Species File is a taxonomic database that includes data for Psocoptera (bark lice) and Phthiraptera (parasitic lice). It uses the Species File Software (SFS), a collection of programs that provides access to and manipulation of taxonomic information stored in multiple databases. SFS also defines a standardized user interface to facilitate interactions with the database.The database currently contains data from "Psocoptera (Insecta): World Catalogue and Bibliography" (Lienhard and Smithers 2002) which includes synonymies and citations for all recognized species. Updates for Psocoptera are in the process of being added. Data from major Phthiraptera catalogs will be added at a later date, together with host associations. When completed this database will house data from over 10,000 valid species and associated data. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: search / taxa / help for new users
Subject: Exopterygota (Hemimetabola) (595.73);
Homoptera, Heteroptera, Anoplura, Mallophaga, Thysanoptera (595.75)
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Metadata update date: 2010-01-13
Metadata provider: SDEI
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