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Title: JSim
Creator: Raymond, Gary; et al.
Publisher: University of Washington / National Simulation Resource = NSR
Abstract: JSim is a Java-based simulation system for building quantitative numeric models and analyzing them with respect to experimental reference data. JSim's primary focus is in physiology and biomedicine, however its computational engine is quite general and applicable to a wide range of scientific domains. JSim models may intermix ODEs, PDEs, implicit equations, integrals, summations, discrete events and procedural code as appropriate. JSim's model compiler can automatically insert conversion factors for compatible physical units as well as detect and reject unit unbalanced equations. JSim also imports the SBML and CellML model archival formats. JSim downloads are available as precompiled binaries (Linux, MacIntosh, Windows) or source code. JSim can also run as an applet within your web browser. JSim is provided free for non-commercial use as a public service by the National Simulation Resource at the University of Washington. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Systems in biology (570.11);
Auxilliary techniques and procedures/apparatus, equipment, materials/microscopy (570.28)
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Language: English
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