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Virtual Cell : National Resource for Cell Analysis and Modeling
Title: Virtual Cell : National Resource for Cell Analysis and Modeling
Title abbreviated: Virtual Cell
Title alternative: Virtual Cell : NRCAM
Publisher: University of Connecticut Health Center = UCHC / Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling = CCAM
Abstract: NRCAM, the National Resource for Cell Analysis and Modeling is developing a unique software modeling environment, the Virtual Cell, for quantitative cell biological research. Approaches in computational cell biology are coupled with high resolution light microscopy to facilitate the interplay between experimental manipulation and computational simulation of specific cellular functions that can range from simple molecular motors to tissue-wide process. The Virtual Cell is deployed as a distributed application that is used over the Internet. It is freely accessible to all members of the scientific community. The Virtual Cell has been specifically designed to be a tool for a wide range of scientists, from experimental cell biologists to theoretical biophysicists. Likewise the creation of models can range from the simple, to evaluate hypotheses or to interpret experimental data, to complex multi-layered models used to probe the predicted behavior of complex, highly non-linear systems. Such models can be based on both experimental data and purely theoretical assumptions. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Systems in biology (570.11);
Cell biology (571.6)
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