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Grasses in North America: descriptions, keys, illustrations, distribution maps
Title: Grasses in North America: descriptions, keys, illustrations, distribution maps
Title abbreviated: Grass Manual on the Web
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Publisher: Utah State University
Abstract: The Manual project had as its original goal publication of a single volume on grasses similar in concept and format to Hitchcock's Manual of Grasses of the United States. In 1999, it combined with the Flora of North America project and agreed to give priority to publishing the two grass volumes needed by that project over preparation of the single volume Manual. The first of the two FNA grass volumes, FNA 25.was published in 2003. The second, FNA 24, will be published early in 2007. The two volumes cover North America north of Mexico. In addition to native species and established introductions, they include many cultivated species, some introductions that failed to become established, and a few weedy species not known from the region but identified by the U.S.D.A. as potential threats to U.S. agriculture. The content of the two FNA volumes is now being reduced to a single volumes that will include descriptions for the tribes and genera plus all the keys, illustrations, and maps in the two FNA volumes. This volume, it is hoped, will prove as useful to today's taxonomists as the Manual of Grasses of the United States used to be. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Poales (Graminales, Grasses) (584.9)
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Spatial coverage: North America
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