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The Euglenoid Project
Title: The Euglenoid Project
Creator: Triemer, Rich; Farmer, Mark; University of Georgia <Athens, Ga.>
Publisher: National Science Foundation
Abstract: The purpose of this website is to provide a research and teaching resource for students, teachers and researchers interested in the group of protists commonly known as, the euglenoids. The general features of the group and examples of cellular organization are provided. The classification systems used to separate these protists into definable groups are shown along with interactive keys which can be used to identify organisms to genus or species. The evolutionary relationships among euglenoids, and between euglenoids and other protists are presented in Phylogeny. If you are searching for information on a specific euglenoid, an alphabetical listing of taxa is provided to assist you. The dynamic nature of swimming, wriggling and eating in euglenoids is dramatic. Movies have been provided to illustrate these dynamic processes, many of which characterize certain types of euglenoids. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Cell Diagramm / Cell Surface / Nucleus & Mitosis / Flaggellar Apparatus / Chloroplasts & Mitochondria / Movies / Phylogeny / Taxonomic Keys / Taxa Database.
Subject: Algae (579.8)
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