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Fossil Coralline Algae
Title: Fossil Coralline Algae
Title alternative: Coralline Algae
Creator: Rasser, Michael
Abstract: Corallines are a highly complicated group. The identification of fossil coralline algae bears several problems and the intraspecific variability is very high. Their distribution is very wide spread: Corallines occur from the tropics to polar regions, and from the intertidal down to more than 200 m water depth. The current homepage aims to make this algal group more popular. After an introduction, different growth forms in fossil and present-day corallines are demonstrated. One of the main topics is a comprehensive comparison of fossil and present-day taxonomical features. Moreover, descriptions of corallines from Austria, Italy and the Northern Red Sea are presented. Finally, you can find a list of the described taxa. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Growth Forms / Anatomy / (Paleo)Ecology / Database.
Subject: Algae (579.8);
Paleontology, Paleozoology (560)
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