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Historia Gagearum
Title: Historia Gagearum
Creator: Levichev, Igor G.; Jezniakowsky, Sergey A.
Publisher: Russian Academy of Sciences / Komarov Botanical Institute
Abstract: The information system "Historia Gagearum" has been designed for discussing and data collecting about systematic and morphology of tribe Gageeae Rouy (Liliaceae). Different authors include in the tribe from one to three genera. On this moment, the tribe includes genus Gagea Salisb. and genus Lloydia Reichb. First genus is large. It contains more than 280 species. Second genus is monotypic. Therefore, it demands a critical discussion about systematic position of other taxa, which had been included into the genus Lloydia by tradition. Different points of view on the systematic of this group of Liliaceae will be discuss on this site, as well as general differences across morphology, ontogenesis, embryogenesis, structure of stems etc. of other groups of Monocotyledons. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Liliidae (584.3)
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Spatial coverage: Northern Hemisphere
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