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Principles of Parasitism - An on-line laboratory tutorial in parasitology
Title: Principles of Parasitism - An on-line laboratory tutorial in parasitology
Title abbreviated: Principles of Parasitism
Creator: University of Alberta <Canada> / Department of Biological Sciences
Abstract: In 1997, parasitologists at the Universities of Alberta and Calgary decided to offer a joint undergraduate course on the Principles of Parasitism, with lectures given by live videoconference. It was decided to forego the traditional "sit-down-at-a-microscope" laboratory in favor of a lab that was completely web-based. This web site evolved as part of that project. Over the years we have had numerous requests from around the world for access to the web lab. As the site has evolved, it has become necessary to password-protect parts of the site that deal with our teaching function. We have decided to extract the basic laboratory component of the site and make it freely-accessible. The result is this site you are now viewing. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Lab Protozoa / Lab Myxozoa / Lab Plathelminthes / Lab Acanthocephala / Labor Nematoda / Lab Arthropoda / Animation Gallery: Protozoa, Digenea, Monogenea, Cestoda, Nematoda, Arthropoda / Movie Gallery: Protozoa, Cestoda, Digenea, Nematoda, Arthropoda Dermacentor albipictus.
Subject: Diseases, Pathology (571.9);
Synecology and population biology (577.8)
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Language: English
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