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Weeds of Rain Fed Lowland Rice Fields of Laos & Cambodia
Title: Weeds of Rain Fed Lowland Rice Fields of Laos & Cambodia
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Creator: Naples, Monica L.; Kessler, Paul J. A.
Publisher: Nationaal Herbarium Nederland
Abstract: These data on weeds of rain fed lowland rice fields of Laos and Cambodia were collected in DELTA format and are a result of the research performed by M.L. Naples, an MSc student of the National Herbarium of the Netherlands in Leiden. The aim of her research, which is part of the project “Open Source for Weed Assessment in Lowland Paddy Fields” (OSWALD), was to address the issue of slow increasing rice productivity in Laos and Cambodia caused by weeds by creating a tool for decision-making in weed identification and control. This tool is targeted toward agricultural extension workers and rice farmers at the village level (Grard, 2004), as well as others involved in rice and weed management research, and will be made available in a practical format. The final product of this research is an interactive weed identification key, which includes information on the biology, ecology, morphology, management, economic and ethnobotanical uses and vernacular names of about 80 weed genera and species that can be used in the field to facilitate identification, control and understanding of common weed genera and species of rain fed lowland rice fields of Laos and Cambodia. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Harmful plants (581.65);
Field and plantation crops (633)
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