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The Amoebae
Title: The Amoebae
Creator: University of Edinburgh <Edinburgh, GB> / Department of Biomedical Sciences / Genes and Development Group
Abstract: The term "amoebae" covers an enormously diverse group of protists that have adopted a crawling like method of locomotion. This web site is an attempt to draw together information on the amoeba from the various sources. The literature, especially the older work, have tended to be published in obscure journals and other publications that are difficult to get hold of. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Ecology of the amoebae / Classification of the amoebae / Pathogenic amoebae / Sex and the single amoebae / Bacterial pathogens of amoebae / Acanthopodida / Heterolobosea / Entamoebidae / Vannellidae.
Subject: Protozoa (579.4)
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