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The Gashaka Primate Project
Title: The Gashaka Primate Project
Creator: Sommer, Volker; et al.
Publisher: University College London / Department of Anthropology
Abstract: Monkeys and apes are fascinating creatures. They are vital in maintaining the biodiversity of their habitats because many plants depend on primates for seed-dispersal. However, the survival of non-human primates is increasingly threatened due to forest clearing and hunting. The Gashaka Primate Project, founded in 2000, aims to understand the interactions between primates and their natural environment, while at the same time contributing to the conservation of one of the premier wildernesses where monkeys and apes still survive in large numbers. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: The National Park / Climate / Lowland Rainforests / Savannah Woodlands / Highlands: Montane Forest & Grassland / Rivers / Enclaves / Volunteering & Researching.
Subject: Primates (599.8);
Animals as biological resources (333.954)
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Spatial coverage: West Africa and offshore islands
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