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Global Names Index (gni)
Title: Global Names Index (gni)
Title abbreviated: gni
Title alternative: Global Names Index (gni) - Species Names Exchange
Creator: GBIF = Global Biodiversity Information Facility; et al.
Abstract: The Global Names Index is the first component of a semantic environment for biology called the Global Names Architecture GNA). GNI has been developed by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and the Encyclopedia of Life. It has benefited from the ideas of an array of gifted and enthusiastic individuals who contributed through the Nomina workshops that they attended. GNI was developed because of the central importance of the names of organisms in the management of data about organisms. The primary users of this site are not people, but other machines, so please don’t complain because the site is boring. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Index / Repositories / Name parser.
Subject: Classification in biology (570.12);
Language and communication (570.14)
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