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EucaLink - A Web Guide to the Eucalypts
Title: EucaLink - A Web Guide to the Eucalypts
Title abbreviated: EucaLink
Creator: Hill, K. D.
Publisher: Botanic Gardens Trust
Abstract: The eucalypts (the genera Angophora, Corymbia and Eucalyptus) are a botanical phenomenon unique to the Autralian continent. Nowhere else in the world does a single genus of trees dominate the vegetation of an entire continent, and nowhere else does a single genus adapt and diversify into the totality of habitats as seen across the wide diversity of the Australian countryside. This adaptation has given us a bewildering diversity of species, with over 800 at last count (and still counting!) The Eucalink pages offer a botanical tour of this diversity, from a scientific position and also from the cultural perspective, from a society that has grown up with and among these unique trees. On these pages, you will find an introduction to the eucalypts of New South Wales, with descriptions of the species, notes on distribution, ecology, images, maps and identification keys. Navigate to a searchable index of the species (with hyperlinks) by clicking on The Species button. Other buttons are self-explanatory, and provide gateways to different ways of approaching the site. While this site is focussed primarily on the eucalypts of New South Wales, some coverage is offered of the overall eucalypt group across Australia and even outside the country. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Rosidae (583.7)
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Spatial coverage: Australia
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