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Papua Insects Foundation
Title: Papua Insects Foundation
Creator: The Papua Insects Foundation <Stadskanaal, NL>
Abstract: As part of the Papua Insects Foundation, the aim of this website is to provide organisations, scientist, students, museums and everyone interested, with actual information on the taxonomics and faunistics of the insect fauna of Papua. This includes checklists with the latest nomenclatorial views, pictures of the species, distribution maps (compiled from information as far as known from literature and collections) and a list with relevant literature. If available we will also give information and photographs of the types. Very important is to distinguish so called biodiversity hotspots, places or areas where the entomological fauna is of a very high richness and is therefore of great importance to nature conservation. The contributors of this website themselves are scientists or are in contact with specialists all over the world. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Contributors / Collections / Papua / Biogeography / Gazetteer
Subject: Museums, collections, exhibits (590.74);
Insecta (Insects) (595.7)
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Spatial coverage: Melanesia, New Guinea
Audience: Intermediate; Experts
Language: Dutch; English; French; German; Indonesian
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