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Survival Rivals
Title: Survival Rivals
Creator: Wellcome Trust <London, UK>
Abstract: Survival Rivals is part of the Wellcome Trust’s offering for Darwin 200. The work of Trust funded scientists has helped to expand our understanding of evolution, in humans and other species. Darwin 200 represents the opportunity for people to consider Darwin’s ideas and how they have been developed and interpreted, as well as the impact and the relevance evolution has for our lives today. As part of Darwin 200, the Wellcome Trust is taking forward three strands of public engagement activity, in the fields of education, broadcast and culture. Under the Education strand the Trust is providing Darwin-related evolution experiments for every school in the UK, and Survival Rivals is the secondary schools part of this initiative. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Survival Rivals / Experiments for schools / Wellcome Trust / Darwin 200 / I`m a worm get me out of here / Brine date / The X Bacteria / A Question of taste / UK state secondary schools / Experiment kits / Philip Harris / University of Reading / CPD courses / Directional selection / Brine shrimp / Artemia / mate-guarding / E. coli / Conjugation / Darwin / Evolution
Subject: Evolution (576.8);
Education, research, related topics (578.07)
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