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Devolab - The Digital Evolution Laboratory at Michigan State University
Title: Devolab - The Digital Evolution Laboratory at Michigan State University
Title abbreviated: Devolab
Creator: Michigan State University <East Lansing, Mich.> / Computer Science and Engineering / Digital Evolution Laboratory
Abstract: The twin goals of the MSU Digital Evolution Laboratory are to experimentally study digital organisms to improve our understanding of how natural evolution works, and then to apply this knowledge to solving computational problems. Much of the work in the Devolab is centered on research with and the continued development of the Avida digital evolution research platform. In Avida, a population of self-replicating computer programs is subjected to external pressures (such as mutations and limited resources) and allowed to evolve subject to natural selection. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Artificial Life
Subject: Systems in biology (570.11);
Evolution (576.8)
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