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Botany Collections Database
Title: Botany Collections Database
Creator: FMNH = Field Museum of Natural History <Chicago, Ill.> / Botany Department
Abstract: Botany is the scientific study of plants and fungi. Scientists in the Department of Botany at The Field Museum are interested in learning why there are so many different plants and fungi in the world, how this diversity is distributed across the globe and how best to classify it, and what important roles these organisms play in the environment and in human cultures. [Information of the supplier]
The search page of the Department of Botany Collections of the Fieldmuseum is designed to find a specific specimen from the collections by using three optional search modes: The general specimen search, a taxonomic oriented search and a theme-oriented quick search (to the right of the page).
Table of contents: FMNH = Field Museum of Natural History / Botany Collections Database / Specimen Search / Taxonomy Search / Costa Rican Fungi / Economic Botany / Andean Flowering Plants / Bryophytes / vTypes / Erythroxylum / Tropical Lichen Types / Berlin Negatives / Species Pages
Subject: Classification in botany (580.12);
Museums, collections, exhibits (580.74)
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