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Fungal Biology
Title: Fungal Biology
Creator: Deacon, Jim
Publisher: University of Edinburgh
Abstract: This website provides learning and self-assesment resources, and many colour images to supplement the information in the book. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Many colour images (not included in the book) / Multiple Choice Tests) / Special Focus Topics: Major tree diseases / Mycorrhizas and their roles in ecosystems / Biology of lichens / Biology of slime molds / Biology of wood-rotting and other decomposer fungi / Plant-pathogenic fungi / Chapter Contents: Fungi and Fungal Activities / Diversity of Fungi and Fungus-like Organisms / Fungal Structure and -Ultrastructure / Fungal Growth / Differentiation and Development / Fungal Nutrition / Fungal Metabolism and Fungal Products / Environmental Conditions for Growth & Tolerance of Extremes / Fungal Genetics, Molecular Genetics and Genomics / Fungal Spores, Spore Dormancy and Spore Dispersal / Fungal Ecology- Saprotrophs / Fungal Interactions- Mechanisms and Practical Exploitation / Fungal Symbiosis / Fungi as Plant Pathogens / Fungal Parasites of Insects and Nematodes / The Molds of Man / Principles and Practice of Controlling Fungal Growth / Profiles of Fungi: Amanita / Boletus / Puffballs and earthstars / Ascomycota / Jelly fungi / Coprinus / Cyathus / Stinkhorns / Fairy ring fungi / Lepiota / Lactarius / Russula / Laccaria / Paxillus / Xylaria / Flammulina / Pholiota / Hypholoma
Subject: Fungi, Eumycophyta (True fungi) (579.5);
Mushrooms (579.6)
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