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Evolution - Selected papers and commentary
Title: Evolution - Selected papers and commentary
Title alternative: Evolution: The Origin and Subsequent Elaboration of the 'Chromosomal' Hypothesis of Hybrid Sterility
Creator: Forsdyke, Donald R.
Publisher: Queen's University
Abstract: This web site is presenting a number of selected texts by Donald R. Forsdyke on evolutionary biology, covering topics like species barriers, variation, heredity, selection and isolation. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Table of contents: Overview / Species Barriers / Origin of Species (Darwin 1859), Revisited / Two Levels of Information in DNA / Haldane's Rule / Non-Genic ("Chromosomal") Speciation / Allen, Romanes and Gould / Heredity as Information Transfer (Butler) / Variation / Heredity / Phenotypic ("Natural") Selection/Isolation / Reproductive ("Physiological") Selection/Isolation / "Physiological" Selection/Isolation, the "Chromosomal" basis.
Subject: Evolution (576.8)
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