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Wild Chimpanzee Foundation
Title: Wild Chimpanzee Foundation
Title abbreviated: WCF
Creator: Wild Chimpanzee Foundation <Genf>
Abstract: The Wild Chimpanzee Foundation is working to save between 20,000 and 25,000 of the remaining wild chimpanzees. Current estimates suggest that there may be fewer than 100,000 chimpanzees living in seventeen different countries in Africa. The WCF is a multi-national foundation created and advised by individuals who join efforts to preserve as many as possible of the remaining wild chimpanzee populations and their natural habitat throughout their range in Africa. The philosophy of the projects is three-fold, based on Education-Conservation-Research, involving the local human populations around the protected key sites, school children from developed and sub-Saharan countries, and scientists. [Information of the supplier]
Subject of this website is Pan troglodytes, the Common Chimpanzee.
Table of contents: The WCF Mission / The WCF Projects / About Chimpanzees
Subject: Primates (599.8);
Conservation and protection (333.72)
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