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UNSW Embryology
Title: UNSW Embryology
Creator: Hill, Mark
Publisher: The University Of New South Wales
Abstract: A new year and Embryology continues to amaze us with new findings (stem cells, genetic, molecular, biomechanical mechanisms, teratology and new animal models). New technical abilities allow us to label cells and their components in embryos and then to observe developmental dynamic processes. Stem cell research is unravelling differentiation and disease processes and surprizing potential roles in oncogenesis. Novel gene regulation through microRNA... while our understanding may change the developmental results are the same as those seen by the historic embryologists early last century. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Embryo Stages / Fetal Dev / Dev Notes 1 / Dev Notes 2 / Movies / Audio / Class Notes / Serial Images / K12 Students / Abnormal / Prenatal Diagnosis / Animal Embryos / Molecular / Histology
Subject: Reproduction, development, growth (571.8);
Medicine and health (610)
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