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Banc de dades de biodiversitat de Catalunya
Title: Banc de dades de biodiversitat de Catalunya
Title alternative: Biodiversity data bank of Catalonia
Publisher: Universitat de Barcelona
Abstract: The Biodiversity Data Bank wants to be a compilation of all Catalonia biodiversity information. It is developed by the computerisation of all Catalonia species available records. The record computerisation is completed by supplementary data, like biology, distribution, ecology, etc. The aim in project is to know and to compile the maximum number of bibliographic records about Catalonia biodiversity. This records are the information source of the Data Bank. This knowledges will allow us to know, moreover the distribution species and biological data, its conservation status and degrees of threat, rareness, endemicity, etc. Data regarding cormophytic flora, vegetation, fungi, vertebrates and arthropods has been computerised nowadays, thanks to an agreement between the Barcelona University and the Environment Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Treatments of plants by specific continents, countries, localities (581.9);
Treatments of animals by specific continents, countries, localities (591.9)
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Spatial coverage: Iberian Peninsula and adjacent islands, Spain
Audience: Intermediate; Experts
Language: Catalan; English; French; Spanish
Format: website; database
Resource type: Factual databases
Access: free
Metadata update date: 2015-09-14
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