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The Ras Oncogene Product
Title: The Ras Oncogene Product
Creator: Gorga, Frank R.
Publisher: Bridgewater State College / Department of Chemical Sciences
Rights: Gorga, Frank R.
Abstract: This presentation is aimed at beginning biochemistry students. Anyone who has some knowledge of the basics of protein structure should be able to follow this presentation. I would imagine that students who have completed (and understood!) a good chunk of the first semester of a typical undergraduate biochemistry course should do just fine here. [Information of the supplier]
Auf dieser Seite stehen animierte Darstellungen zur Verfügung, die die besprochenen chemischen Stoffe plastisch darstellen und vom Betrachter verändert werden können.
Table of contents: Cancer & Oncogenes / Biological Signal Tranduction / Ras, A Molecular Switch / Conformational Changes in Ras / Oncogenic Mutations / Structural Basis for Oncogenesis / Further Reading
Subject: General topics of biochemistry (572.3);
Variation (576.54);
Medicine and health (610)
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