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Isomers of Organic Compound, An Introduction
Title: Isomers of Organic Compound, An Introduction
Creator: Gorga, Frank R.
Publisher: Bridgewater State College / Department of Chemical Sciences
Abstract: This presentation is designed to be used as an adjunct to traditional lectures not as a replacement. I suspect that it will be most useful as a review of the material. The material is covered at a level suitable for a first course in biochemistry and the undergraduate level. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Isomers, in General / Structural Isomers / Chirality / Stereoisomers in Molecules with One Chiral Center / Absolute Configuration and Stereochemical Nomenclature / Stereoisomers in Molecules with Two Chiral Centers / Drawing three dimensional structures on paper.
Subject: General topics of biochemistry (572.3)
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