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The Medical Biochemistry Page
Title: The Medical Biochemistry Page
Creator: King, Michael W.
Abstract: The Medical Biochemistry Page provides a portal for the overview of subjects critical to the understanding of biochemical processes with an emphasis on medical relevance. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Basic Biochemistry of Biomolecules / Ionic Equilibria Review / Thermodynamics Review / Protein Structure and Analysis / Hemoglobin und Myoglobin/ Enzyme Kinetics / Vitamins and Co-enzymes / Glycolysis / Gluconeogenesis / Insulin Action / Diabetes / Pentose Phosphat Pathway / Oxidative Phosphorylation / Lipids / Fatty Acid Oxidation / Lipoproteins / Inborn Errors in Metabolism / Proteoglycans / Nucleotide Metabolism / Amino Acids / DNA, RNA / Proteins / Hormones / Gene Expression / Cell Cycle / Nerve, Blood and Muscle / Growth Factors / Oncogenes and Cancer / Tumor Suppressor
Subject: Biochemistry (572)
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