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Biochemistry Online - An Approach Based on Chemical Logic
Title: Biochemistry Online - An Approach Based on Chemical Logic
Title abbreviated: Biochemistry Online
Creator: Jakubowski, Henry
Publisher: College of Saint Benedict
Abstract: Many who have taught chemistry (general, organic, biochemistry) from a traditional book invariably believe that the book would be better if it had a different organization or different conceptual framework. Few can truly cover the extent of information found in these encyclopedic tomes. All textbooks within a specialty area of chemistry have the same topic orders as well. Biochemistry Online: An Approach Based on Chemical Logic was written, in part, to deal with issues of topic order and conceptual framework. The rationales for adoption of this framework for the teaching of the first semester of a biochemistry course have been published in the manuscript below. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Why Chemical Logic? / Introduction To Biochemistry / Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology Dictionaries / Chapter 1: Lipid Structure / Chapter 2: Protein Structure / Chapter 3: Carbohydrates / Chapter 4: DNA, Genomics And Proteomics / Chapter 5: Binding / Chapter 6: Transport And Kinetics / Chapter 7: Catalysis / Chapter 8: Oxidation/ Phosphorylation / Chapter 9: Signal Transduction / Capstone: The Origin Of Life.
Subject: Biochemistry (572)
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