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Proyecto de Conservatión Cóndor Andino
Title: Proyecto de Conservatión Cóndor Andino
Title abbreviated: PCCA
Creator: Fundación Bioandina Argentina <Buenos Aires, Argentinien>
Abstract: The Andean Condor, the biggest flying bird of the world, has been worshipped during thousand years by the Southamerican native communities, considered as the very Spirit of the Andean, a sacred link between men and God. Although it was an abundant species in the past time, this emblematic animal, symbolic link with our cultural past time, has nowadays and unfortunately turned into a conservation challenge. The Andean Condor Conservation Project (ACCP) was created in August 1991, in Pampa de Achala, Córdoba, Argentina. This project is organized by the Buenos Aires ZOO, the Temaikén Foundation and the Argentina Bioandina Foundation and has the support of renowened national and international institutions. Its main objective is to take care of the conservation of these fabulous birds and their majestic ecosystem, along the whole mountain range, to ensure the survival of what is considered the Living Spirit of the Andean. [Information of the supplier]
This website contains information about several projects; whereas some sites are available in spanish and english, some others stand by only in spanish. Key issue of this site is Vultur gryphus, the Andean Condor.
Table of contents: Introduction / El Cóndor / El PCCA / Birthrates / Rescue / Release / Adresses.
Subject: Gruiformes, Charadriiformes, Ciconiiformes, Phoenicopteriformes (598.3);
Animals as biological resources (333.954)
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