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BUGZ : Bibliography of New Zealand Terrestrial Invertebrates - Online
Title: BUGZ : Bibliography of New Zealand Terrestrial Invertebrates - Online
Title abbreviated: BUGZ
Title alternative: Full-text electronic archive of the Bibliography of New Zealand Terrestrial Invertebrates 1775 - 1993
Creator: Raphael Didham [Project Coordinators]; Pawson, Stephen [Project Coordinators]
Publisher: Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research
Abstract: BUGZ is a user-friendly web interface designed to allow full-text search and retrieval of information from New Zealand’s largest compilation of invertebrate literature – the 'BUGS' bibliography (Ramsay & Crosby 1992). 'BUGZ' contains a literature database of 16,080 articles on the terrestrial invertebrates of New Zealand, published between 1775 and 1993 and provides full-text indexing of the more than 200,000 pages of text scanned from the articles of the BUGS bibliography. This massively enhances the search capabilities and subsequent access to archived information on the taxonomic status, life history, ecology, and conservation significance in the primary literature on New Zealand’s terrestrial invertebrates. Apart from the ability to undertake full-text searching, BUGZ is the first New Zealand biodiversity database to allow dynamic matching of its entire full-text database against the taxonomic namebank of uBio – the universal Biological indexer and organiser. Namebank is a reconciled list of over 8,000,000 taxonomic names (including homonyms, synonyms and common names) and creates a virtual link to an ever-increasing number of international biodiversity databases (e.g. GBIF, NCBI, ITIS, Species 2000) that may contain additional biodiversity information useful to the user. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Invertebrates (592);
Bibliography (010)
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Spatial coverage: New Zealand
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Language: English
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Access on historical literature
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