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The Alfred Russel Wallace Website
Title: The Alfred Russel Wallace Website
Creator: Beccaloni, George
Contributor: Baker, Ed
Abstract: This website is intended to be an island of accurate information in the sea of misinformation about Wallace. It contains information about Wallace's life and work, a unique archive of images, FAQ's debunking some of the many myths surrounding Wallace and Darwin, plus information about the A. R. Wallace Memorial Fund and its projects. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Wallace Info / News & Views Blog / 2008 events / FAQs, myths & misconceptions / Biography of Wallace / Map of Wallace related locations / Image Gallery / Memorials to Wallace worldwide / Things named after Wallace / Video & sound recordings / Literature downloads / Wallace biographies / Links / The Wallace Fund Shop / Guestbook / Wallace Fund Info / History of the Fund / The Fund's projects / Fund finances & publicity / The Fund's members / Whys and wherefores
Subject: Biologists (570.92)
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