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Herbarium Haussknecht (JE)
Title: Herbarium Haussknecht (JE)
Creator: Müller, Jochen [Kustos]; et al.
Publisher: Universität
Abstract: The Herbarium Haussknecht (JE) is located at the Main University Building. It is the largest herbarium in Germany and houses, besides the plant specimen collections, a major botanical library and archives. The Herbarium Haussknecht houses ca. 3 million plant specimens of all systematic groups worldwide. Main focus of the collections is Thuringia (Germany), southwestern Asia, Cuba, and southeastern Europe. In the Herbarium Haussknecht herbarium material and other conserved plant material is stored, prepared, and loaned for taxonomic, plant geographical, and historical studies, students are trained, and scientific studies are conducted (flora of Thuringia, systematics of Baccharis (Asteraceae) and Festuca (Poaceae), flora of Cuba). [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Museums, collections, exhibits (580.74)
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Spatial coverage: Thuringia
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