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Evolution - a journey into where we're from and where we're going
Title: Evolution - a journey into where we're from and where we're going
Creator: WGBH <Boston, Mass.> / NOVA Science Unit; Clear Blue Sky Productions
Publisher: PBS = Public Broadcasting Service
Abstract: Originally launched in 2001 and updated in 2007, the PBS Evolution Web site is intended to serve as a comprehensive learning resource about evolutionary science for teachers, students and the general public. The site was originally developed in conjunction with an eight-hour television series co-produced by the NOVA Science Unit at WGBH Boston and Clear Blue Sky Productions (now Vulcan Productions). It is designed to function both as a free stand-alone resource and as a companion to the full-length video programs, which are no longer being broadcast on PBS but are available on DVD. The site has four major components: 7 main topic areas that align closely with the seven programs in the video series. A searchable multimedia library with assets organized along lines that correspond with curriculum topics often taught in high school biology. This collection includes assets from other sources as well as from this site. Professional development resources to help science educators develop effective, yet sensitive ways to teach these topics amid the intense debate about the validity of evolutionary theory. Seven short videos designed expressly to stimulate informed discussion in the classroom. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Evolution Library / For Teachers / For Students / Darwin / Change / Extinktion / Survival / Sex / Humans / Religion / Videos / Web Activities
Subject: Education (570.71);
Evolution (576.8)
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