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Title abbreviated: SoyBase
Title alternative: SoyBase and the Soybean Breeder's Toolbox - Integrating Genetics and Molecular Biology for Soybean Researchers
Publisher: USDA = United States Department of Agriculture / ARS = Agricultural Research Service
Abstract: The SoyBase web presence offers a comprehensive spectrum of data and tools for research on the soya bean, Glycine max. It integrates genetic and molecular-biological resources that are particularly relevant to the use of the soya bean. The data are organised primarily in the form of maps (Genetic Map, Physical Map, Sequence Map). [Editorial staff vifabio]
Subject: Biochemical genetics in plants and microorganisms (572.82);
Rosidae (583.7);
Field and plantation crops (633)
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Audience: Experts
Language: English
Format: website; database
Resource type: Factual databases;
Research projects
Access: free
Metadata update date: 2009-06-17
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