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Title: Palmweb
Title alternative: Palms of the World On-Line
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Creator: Baker, Bill [Palm Exemplar Group Leader]; et al.
Abstract: Palmweb is a prototype portal for information on the diversity of the palm family (Arecaceae or Palmae). It is designed to be: a web-based source of authoritative taxonomic information and related data; a tool to facilitate collaboration among palm experts and a mechanism for efficient dissemination of their research; a virtual focal point for anyone interested in palm diversity. The website will serve first as a portal to access taxonomic information about palms, with functions to perform searches and download data added as the project advances. Most information will be concentrated in genus and species pages which will diplay taxonomic data and associated non-taxonomic information, as well as keys, references and an extensive image gallery. The data will be structured around a backbone of names supplied by the World Checklist of Monocotyledons. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Arecidae (584.5)
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Language: English
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