Detailed overview: - Taking care of Freedom
Title: - Taking care of Freedom
Title abbreviated: Plazi
Creator: Agosti, Donat; et al.
Abstract: Plazi is an association supporting and promoting the development of persistent and openly accessible digital taxonomic literature. To this end Plazi will: (1) Maintain a digital taxonomic literature repository to enable archiving of taxonomic treatments. (2) Enhance submitted taxonomic treatments by creating taxonx XML versions. (3) Participate in the development of new models for publishing taxonomic treatments in order to maximize interoperability with other relevant cyberinfrastructure components (e.g., name servers, biodiversity resources, etc...). (4) Advocate and educate about the vital importance of maintaining free and open access to scientific discourse and data. [Information of the supplier]
The eponym of is the Swiss Benedictine monk Placidus a Spescha (8. December 1752 – 14. August 1833).
Subject: Language and communication (570.14)
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