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BIOCEAN - Base de données Ecologie Benthique en Environnement Profound
Title: BIOCEAN - Base de données Ecologie Benthique en Environnement Profound
Title abbreviated: BIOCEAN
Creator: Fabri, Marie-Claire; et al.
Publisher: Ifremer / Département Etudes et Environnement Profond
Abstract: The Biocean database was designed to collate the extremely large volume of data collected from different deep-sea ecosystem studies conducted by Ifremer’s department of ‘Environnement Profond’ (Deep-Sea Environment). Biocean was designed to facilitate ecosystem studies in the deep sea. It represents an important new resource for deep-sea ecologists and will have wide applications in biogeography and biodiversity studies at Ifremer, but also for the international community, as faunal data are linked to the Census of Marine Life information system OBIS (Ocean Biogeographic Information System). [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Marine ecology (577.7);
Marine biology (578.77)
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Spatial coverage: Oceans and Seas
Audience: Experts
Language: English; French
Format: website; database
Resource type: Factual databases
Access: free
Metadata update date: 2012-12-19
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