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North American Dipterists Society
Title: North American Dipterists Society
Title abbreviated: NADS
Creator: NADS = North American Dipterists Society
Contributor: Cumming, Jeffrey M.; O'Hara, James E.
Publisher: University of Guelph
Abstract: This website offers a variety of resources on the insect order Diptera, or true flies. The Diptera comprise about 125,000 described species worldwide and are of huge importance to man and the environment. They are much maligned due to their roles as blood feeders, vectors of disease, agents of myiasis, consumers and contaminators of human food, insidious invaders of our homes, and uninvited guests at outdoor activities. However, they are at least as important and beneficial as plant pollinators, food for higher organisms, plant and animal decomposers, and natural and biological control agents. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Dipterology Fund / Newsletters (Fly Times, Tachinid Times) / Type catalogues / Taxon-based pages (Empidoidea, Tachinidae) / Field meetings / Links / International Congress of Dipterology
Subject: Organizations and management (590.6);
Diptera (Flies) and Siphonaptera (595.77)
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Spatial coverage: North America
Audience: Intermediate; Experts
Language: English
Format: website
Resource type: Academic societies, professional associations, working groups;
Discipline based websites
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