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IOC World Bird Names (version 1.6)
Title: IOC World Bird Names (version 1.6)
Creator: Gill, F.; Wright, M.; Donsker, D.
Abstract: Our goal on behalf of the International Ornithological Congress (IOC) is to facilitate communication in ornithology and conservation through the use of a standard set of English names of the world bird species. To this end we provide a complete list of the extant birds of the world that we update regularly to include changes of names, additions of newly described species as well as proposed splits and lumps, and taxonomic comments. The names adopted and recommended follow explicit guidelines for spelling and construction that increase clarity and consistent application. The IOC list of world bird species is available through Avibase, thanks to Denis LePage and Bird Studies Canada. The powerful Avibase database allows users to create checklists for different localities using alternative world lists. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Home / Updates / IOC Worldlist (Checklist) / Feedback / Principles / Spelling Rules / The Project / Reactions
Subject: Classification in zoology (590.12);
Birds (598)
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