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A Series of Searchable Texts - Earthworm Eco-Taxonomy
Title: A Series of Searchable Texts - Earthworm Eco-Taxonomy
Title alternative: A Series of Searchable Texts on Earthworm Biodiversity, Ecology and Systematics from Various Regions of the World, 3rd Edition (2008)
Creator: Blakemore, Robert J.
Publisher: Yokohama National University
Abstract: In response to the ‘Biodiversity Crisis’ and the ‘Taxonomic Impediment’, the aim of this publication is to make available, online, information about ecology and taxonomy of diverse groups of megadrile earthworms, information that is currently scattered, outdated, or otherwise unavailable. This goal complements those advocated by groups such as BioNet, CBD (GTI), Diversitas, GBIF, IUCN/SSG, Wikispecies, ZipcodeZoo and Zoobank. Presentation is a series of discrete chapters in various formats as originally prepared. Several species checklists (partially annotated) provide an invaluable resource for young researchers needing to construct comprehensive faunal lists for a region, for managers or concerned scientists wishing to research answers to simple questions, such as: "What is the correct and current name of this species?" "How's our regional biodiversity?" “Can I add yet another new species name to this group without a full inventory?” [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Annelida (Segmented worms) (592.6)
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Spatial coverage: Land and landforms
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