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Zentraldatenbank für kultivierte Gehölze Europas
Title: Zentraldatenbank für kultivierte Gehölze Europas
Creator: Geyer, H.-J. [Projektleitung]
Publisher: Universität
Abstract: The Central Database for Cultivated Woody Plants in Europe Ginkgo ( now comes into existence, after many years of preparatory work, and at the instigation of the Board of the German Dendrological Society (DDG), and in co-operation with several universities, nurseries, arboretums, botanical gardens, park administrations, nature protection and memorial garden authorities. The homepage gives an insight into the status of the registration of remarkable trees (habitat, location, growth etc.) as well as providing further knowledge about trees and shrubs (nomenclature, origin, distribution, location, growth behaviour, morphology, use, propagation, diseases etc.). More information about the database Ginkgo is found in the same place under “General”, or through the database administration. All those who themselves, out of interest, within the framework of their practical work, or in the course of their studies and diploma work, are concerned in the collection and evaluation of data on trees and shrubs (e.g. registration of specimens, protection of woods, care of memorial gardens, new planting of woods, care of woods, scope of care) may participate in the construction of the Gingko Register (after creating username and password). The woody plants inventory of DDG (1974) and simplified are made available, scientific names are partly available via and are linked to the inventory. The making available of more data such as e.g. aids to age estimation, information about habitat demands, gardening or biological engineering application possibilities, etc., is being worked on. [Information of the supplier, translated]
Subject: Trees (582.16)
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Spatial coverage: Europe, Western Europe
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Language: German
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