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Bibliography of Octocorallia from Pliny to the Present
Title: Bibliography of Octocorallia from Pliny to the Present
Creator: Bayer, Frederick M.; Hart Jr., C.W.; et al.
Publisher: California Academy of Sciences / Department of Invertebrate Zoology & Geology
Abstract: Compiled by a taxonomist principally for other taxonomists (rare though they are), coverage is believed to be reasonably complete for titles primarily of taxonomic interest. As in the original printed edition, any titles dealing with other aspects of octocoral biology that came to my attention have been included. Even though the bulk of scientific literature about octocorals now appearing deals with biochemistry, no claims are made for completeness in that field. Although comments about content or other aspects of publication are given in square brackets [ ] for some titles, time has precluded complete annotation of contents, and keywords for electronic searching are not included. Contrary to predominant contemporary usage, the personal names of authors are spelled out in full whenever known, as reducing these names to mere initials seems to relegate their owners to the mechanical realm of electronic data banks and appears inordinately impersonal. This augmented and updated electronic edition of the Octocoral Bibliography is the result of nudging and nagging by C.W. Hart, Jr., whose computer literacy made the project possible. The word-processing expertise of Janice Clark Walker was indispensable in preparing the master file for final conversion, and I appreciate the cooperation and critical advice given by Don Gourley, our Webmaster. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Anthozoa (593.6);
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