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JASPAR database
Title: JASPAR database
Title abbreviated: JASPAR
Title alternative: JASPAR - The high-quality transcription factor binding profile database
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Creator: Sandelin, Albin [coordinator]; Lenhard, Boris [coordinator]
Abstract: JASPAR is a collection of transcription factor DNA-binding preferences, modeled as matrices. These can be converted into Position Weight Matrices (PWMs or PSSMs), used for scanning genomic sequences. JASPAR is the only database with this scope where the data can be used with no restrictions (open-source). For a comprehensive review of models and how they can be used, please see the following reviews: DNA binding sites: representation and discovery. In: Bioinformatics. 2000 Jan;16(1):16-23; Applied bioinformatics for the identification of regulatory elements. In: Nat Rev Genet. 2004 Apr;5(4):276-87. The JASPAR CORE database contains a curated, non-redundant set of 123 profiles, derived from published collections of experimentally defined transcription factor binding sites for multicellular eukaryotes. The prime difference to similar resources (TRANSFAC, TESS etc) consist of the open data acess, non-redundancy and quality: JASPAR CORE is a smaller set that is non-redundant and curated. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Proteins (572.6);
RNA (Ribonucleic acid) (572.88)
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